Case Study - A RESELLERS 10K Profit Blueprint (2019)

05.01.20193 Min Read — In Case Study

Introducing The Cook 👨‍🍳

Project: Orca member Donk will be conducting this entire case study. Donk’s first cop were the original 350’s and he’s still at it today! While he has a day job, he does spend his free time reselling shoes and has made a few bucks to save towards a bigger house in the future.


All about Reselling

If you’re new to reselling, the whole idea is to buy limited supply shoes (Jordan’s / Yeezies) and resell them for a higher price than you bought them whether that be through StockX or Craigslist.

You’ll need to have some bots, and proxies and you are good to go. Anything else is just extra (monitors / cook groups), while they’re nice, they are definitely NOT needed.\

While we’re going off the assumption you know the basics of reselling, if you need a topic covered, don’t hesitate to contact us

About the Case Study

Today we're starting our first case study on making a profit in the reselling game, buying shoes low and selling em' lower on StockX — just kidding, the goal is to flip shoes for a PROFIT either local or StockX.

While the whole shoe flipping market exploded after Yeezies became popular and no doubt has become strangled with more people, you CAN still make a profit and put it towards college, a nice Tesla, or a house for your parents.

In this case study, we're starting off 2019 with 2k and will HOPEFULLY flip that into 11k by the end of the year. (We originally were planning to do 1k to 10k but 1k didn’t leave us with enough cash flow).

Tools of the Trade

The bot of choice will be NSB and for proxies we have Project: Orca. We don't plan on renting out any servers as we feel the sheer number of proxies that we can generate with Project Orca should suffice and save us A LOT of money.


NSB in action

project orca

Project Orca in Action

We plan on buying some AWS credits and using those towards making our own proxies.


The first month's expenses should be the highest but after that, we should only be spending money on either Google Cloud or AWS credits.

**Total Expenses: **$300 NSB

We plan on releasing our case study on January 31, 2018 with hopefully everything that we copped!

Our Plan

Plan your work and work your plan. While we don’t expect making 10k in a year reselling shoes to be a walk in the park, planning how we attack each drop will definitely increase our chances of copping.

First and foremost, we plan on going for every drop, time permitting. It’s just simple probability and statics (law of large numbers) that if we attempt each drop, we will have a greater chance of picking up a shoe that has resell profits. Furthermore, the fact that we have a proxy generator means that we don’t have to spend money on proxies every drop, we can just create them before a drop and delete them right after.

Last but not least, we plan on being emotionless for each drop, cop or no cop. If the years of reselling shoes has taught anything, its that there are high highs and lower lows. The pain of not coping and seeing all your friends getting the latest off-white can only be described as being found out that your girlfriend left you for a 5’4’’ chump. We need to keep our emotions in check and think about the long-term, but that’s a topic for next time.

Signing off

We plan on having our monthly review on the last day of the month so be sure follow us on Twitter and join our email list to give notified instantly when January write-up comes out!