Difference between proxies made with Project Orca and Twitter proxies

05.01.20191 Min Read — In Guide

A few people asked us what differences there are between making your proxies on Project Orca versus just buying it from a vendor. We'll go over that in this post.

All proxies are created equal

The first point we will make is that the process of creating process is identical between the proxy vendors and how you do it yourself. To simplify the process - all you do run a few commands on the server, and you got yourself some proxies. We won't go over the nitty gritty of the proxy creation process since it does involve some Linux & server knowledge)


We commonly are asked if there are any speed differences between the proxies you make yourself and the proxies that you may buy at a vendor. The answer is NO. The only speed difference you may see is due to the location between you and the proxy. Hosting your bot on a server will give you a faster connection to the proxy.

A proxy is just a server, and if anyone tells you the speed difference is due to being homemade vs. bought at a vendor, they're wrong.

The ONLY way you can make the proxy "faster" per se is just having a server that is in the SAME region as the proxy. Anything else is negligible.

Choosing between the two After knowing all the differences, you'll have to make a choice, picking one or the other. This is a choice you'll have to come to on your own. Calculate how much money you spend on proxies and how much money you would save using Project: Orca and decide if it would be a wise investment.

Reach out

If you're interested in a trial of the Project: Orca - please reach out to us at https://twitter.com/OrcaProxies. Just message us, and we'll let you know if we have any available trials for the month.