Setting Project Orca to make proxies on AWS.

10.01.20192 Min Read — In Guide

In this guide, we're going to go over how we can make proxies on AWS with Project: Orca.

If you don't have an AWS account already, go to, and make your account.

  1. Once you have your AWS account, log-in to the console and you should see your name/account name. Click on that and this drop-down should pop-up.

  1. Click on security credentials.

Now you should be on this page:

  1. Click on access keys, and you should see this.

  1. Click on create the new key, and you should see the option to download your API keys. Save these keys; you'll need them.

  1. Now we just need to do two more things in the console to get Project Orca ready. On the left panel, you should see a tab that says Security Groups, click on that.

  1. Now at the top of the screen, click on actions and there should be a dropdown.

  1. First, click on Edit inbound rules and then change Destination from Custom to Anywhere.

  1. Now the same thing, click on Actions, and now click on outbound rules. Change Destination from Custom to Anywhere.

  1. We're done with that part. Now on the left bar, you should see a tab called Key Pairs, click on that.

  1. Once you've clicked that, on the top click on Create Key Pair.

  1. Fill that out. You do not need to save or remember this.

  1. Head over to the Project Orca Info page and enter your API keys.

  1. Now on Project Orca's home-page, you can now generate your proxies.

Increasing your proxy limit on AWS.

  1. Now if you just got an AWS account they have a soft limit on your account where you can only generate 8 or so proxies, we need to change this.

Head over to

  1. Click on "Create case."

  1. and fill the entire form out.

** Make sure for the Primary Instance type is t2.micro NOT t1.micro **