Setting Project Orca to make proxies on Upcloud.

11.01.20191 Min Read — In Guide

First head over to and sign up for an account. (This is our special promo with Upcloud, you'll get an extra $25 towards proxies when you sign up and make a deposit!)

When you sign up, make sure to NOT use a privacy or a virtual credit card, they will automatically reject these accounts. Sign up with a real credit card, this can be changed later to a virtual card when your account gets accepted.

When you have an account, navigate to and make a new account.

  1. Head to the people's tab.

  1. Fill these out.

new key

  1. Put the info into the bot. (Username NOT EMAIL)

  1. If you see this, your keys were added successfully!

  1. From the home page, fill out the proxy user/pass and how many you would like.

Each "server" can hold a maximum of 5 proxies, so when you create 5 servers, you actually will have 25 proxies!

  1. Success!


  1. From here, you can copy and paste into your bot!

That's it. Happy cooking! 🔥🔥🔥